Origami-Inspired Architecture: 14 Geometric Structures

Chapel for the Deaconess of St. Loup

Origami Architecture Deaconess

Anything but a conventional chapel, the new mother house of the Deaconess of St. Loup is made of folded timber panels in an accordion-like configuration open on both ends to let in natural light. Each of the timber folds reflects light in a different way, making the structure seem to glow from the inside.

Embedded Project, Shanghai, China

Origami Architecture Embedded Project 1

Origami Architecture Embedded Project 2

Beijing design studio HHD_FUN created this unusual pavilion in collaboration with artist Xu Wenkai for Shanghai. The temporary pavilion, entitled ‘Embedded Project,’ features a surface made up of triangles that divide in a fractal pattern.

Karuizawa Museum Complex, Nagano, Japan

Origami Architecture Karuizawa

Architecture firm Yasui Hideo Atelier wanted to interpret the natural beauty of Karuizawa, Japan with an elegant, modern, geometric form. The resulting structure mimics both the surrounding mountain scenery and the Japanese paper crafts of origami, Sensu fan and Byobu screen.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Origami Architecture Tel Aviv

The five-level, partially subterranean Tel Aviv Museum of Art is a new modern landmark for Israel’s capital, with a faceted concrete facade and a shape that is suggestive of a ship.