It’s Electric: 14 Fun and Interactive Conductive Designs

Interactive Wallpaper

Conductive Design Interactive Wallpaper

Conductive inks and the Lilypad Arduino turn silkscreened wallpaper into interactive touch pads. It’s not too clear exactly what your gestures might control as you touch the wall, but the possibilities could include various home functions like lighting, appliances and electronics.

Turn Everyday Objects into Touch Pads

Conductive Design MakeyMakey

Play bananas like musical instruments or use an ordinary pencil drawing as a game controller with the ‘Makey Makey,’ which turns ordinary objects into touch pads. The gadget connects to the object via alligator clips, and then to a computer via USB cable, functioning with any computer program or web page that would normally be controlled by keyboard strokes or the mouse.

Radioball Leaves Your Listening to Chance

Conductive Design RadioBall

Hate deciding which radio station to listen to? Then maybe you’ll like the Radioball, a conductive sphere with a honeycomb grid design housing radio components. Rolling the radio activates different stations, leaving your musical choices up to chance.