Bizarre Burial Boxes: 20 of the World’s Weirdest Coffins

Dumpster, Cell Phone, Guitar & Gym Bag by Crazy Coffins

Crazy Coffins Gym Bag Cell Phone Dumpster

This company is ready to “fulfill your wildest dreams” with literally any casket you can possibly dream up. Vic Fearn & Company has been making custom coffins for 160 years, and has factories both in the UK and the United States ready to create whatever you want within 10 working days at prices that start around $2500. Designs have included a cell phone, a Viking ship, a gym bag, a guitar and even a dumpster for a building contractor who “wanted to go out with the rubbish.”

World’s Most Expensive Caskets

Crazy Coffins Worlds Most Expensive

Crazy Coffins Solid Gold

Now, why would you need an adjustable headrest when you’re dead? The answer is probably that when you’re rich enough to buy a $36,400 casket that is then enclosed in a luxurious air-conditioned columbarium, nothing is too ridiculous to waste massive amounts of money on. But that’s peanuts compared to a 14-karat solid gold coffin that retails for more than $217,000 (very similar to the less expensive gold-plated bronze one Michael Jackson was buried in, pictured.)

Modern Abstract Wood Coffins

Crazy Coffins Modern Abstract 1

Crazy Coffins Modern Abstract 2

If your style is a little more modern art rather than kitsch, maybe these sculptural coffins will appeal to you. Contemporary German architect Gregor Darius Haiduk creates artistic geometric wooden coffins, with each one made to order and colored with eco-friendly finishes.

Bioplastic Capsula Mundi

Crazy Coffins Capsula Mundi

This idea is not so crazy – in fact, in comparison to burying expensive non-biodegradable caskets that take up an enormous amount of room on our planet, it’s pretty sane. It’s just highly unusual, especially in that the egg-shaped container requires the dead to be placed in fetal position in an appropriate full circle. Made of bioplastic, the Capsula Mundi coffin alternative is planted into the earth like a bulb. A shallow depression is dug into the ground just above the casket both to symbolize the presence of the body and make room for a tree to be planted. When planted in groups, these burial sites will ultimately become a memorial grove.