Trick of the Light: 12 Shining Works of Holographic Art

Holographic Square by Jen Stark

Hologram Art Jen Stark 2

Hologram Art Jen Stark 1

Gaze into this holographic work by Jen Stark for too long, and you might feel like you’re falling into a black hole. Stark achieves a remarkable hologram effect using entirely two-dimensional, physical materials like foam board, holographic paper and wood.

Chromastrobic Installation by Paul Friedlander

Hologram Art Friedlander 2

Hologram Art Friedlander 1

Appearing at the Kinetica Art Fair in London, a festival celebrating the fusion of art and science (complete with a robotic theremin ensemble), artist Paul Friedlander manipulates waveforms with his ‘Chromastrobic’ technique in which light changes color faster than the eye can see to create the appearance of rapidly moving forms. Friedlander, who is also a physicist, creates his kinetic light sculptures with light projected onto a rope that’s moving so quickly, you don’t notice it’s even there.

Homos Luminosos by Rosaline de Thelin

Hologram Art Thelin

This work by Rosaline de Thelin also appeared at the Kinetica Art Fair – ‘Homos Luminosos,’ a holographic effect achieved by projecting light onto fiber-optic cables.

Body Electric Exhibition by Ana Maria Nicholson

Hologram Art Nicholson

Holographic artist Ana Maria Nicholson has been working in this medium for decades, focusing on the fusion of light and the human body. “The central theme of my work as an artist has always been the human figure: its beauty, its complexity and its ability to express in gesture and movement the hidden realities that lie at the core of the human spirit and heart. The nude figures in my holograms are all engaged in the primordial journey that has been a constant theme of legends and myths. This journey takes us from a state of separation and individual isolation into a position of integration and illumination. It is the pilgrimage of the psyche from its descent into the abyss, the unconscious to a state of transformation and reintegration.”