Out Of Services: 8 More Amazing Abandoned Churches

Mount Saint Mary’s Church – Leeds, UK

abandoned Mount Saint Mary's Church Leeds (images via: phill.d and 28 Days Later)

Mount Saint Mary’s Church had an Irish Catholic congregation and was funded by the Irish community… in Leeds, England. Built in 1857, the so-called “Famine Church” served a population displaced by years of failed potato crops in Ireland.

abandoned Mount Saint Mary's Famine Church  Leeds(image via: 28 Days Later)

Ireland’s economic revival in the late 20th century combined with the concurrent dwindling of northeastern England’s industrial juggernaut was reflected in the gradually shrinking congregation at Mount Saint Mary’s Church. With collection plates returning meager portions, the cost of maintaining Mount Saint Mary’s grew to an unsustainable level. The church was formally deconsecrated in 1989 and it’s stood derelict ever since. Kudos to Flickr user Boba Low for the evocative image above.

Abandoned Church – Tver, Russia

abandoned church Tver Russia(images via: Russia Trek)

The city and province of Tver, Russia, has witnessed over a thousand years of habitation history but there are precious few structures to show for it… complete and functional structures, that is. The region situated north of Moscow is dotted with a wealth of religious remnants from medieval times, however. Take this church, or what’s left of it, gloriously photographed by Frantsouzov Denis.

abandoned church Tver Russia(image via: Russia Trek)

Damaged and abandoned VERY long ago, the brick masonry building still displays hints of its former glory through a thick screen of mature foliage. As for the enduring visage of Christ that eerily resembles that of the Shroud of Turin, let’s just say that faith has a way of persevering time and time again.