Crochet Playscapes: 13 Interactive String Art Installations

OVER IT: 14 Miles of String

Crocheted Playscapes Over It 1
Crocheted Playscapes Over It 2

Eighteen disparate Portland artists, writers, designers, art directors, fashion designers and illustrators got together to to attempt a project that sounds virtually impossible: producing a single work of art that they could all agree on. The result is ‘OVER IT,’ “an experiment in creating as a group, letting go, disagreement, misunderstanding, backpedaling and trust.” Fourteen miles of string was connected to gallery walls and ceilings with eye hooks to produce a typography exhibit.

Bounce House for Adults with Hanging Nets

Crocheted Playgrounds Bounce House 1
Crocheted Playscapes Bounce House 2

Another inflatable playhouse for adults by Numen/For Use, ‘Net Blow-Up’ is a big white bubble strung with a series of black nets and installed near the waterfront in Yokohama, Japan. Multiple levels of netting offer a stretchy, bouncy surface upon which to let out your inner child.

Climbable Yellow String Installation by Jesus Rafael Soto

Crochet Playscapes Yellow String Soto

Penetrable‘ is an interactive installation of hanging yellow string, which went on display at various museums across the country in 2007. Visitors climbed the strings or simply stood within them as they blew around in the wind.

Big Boss Crochet Landscape by Orly Genger

Crocheted Playscapes Big Boss

Orly Genger hand-knotted over 100 miles of rope into thick plaits for ‘Big Boss,’ a bright red installation at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. “Grappling with the male-dominated history of sculpture, and the legacy of the Minimalists, in particular, Genger introduces a traditionally female-identified craft process — an adaptation of a crochet stitch — and its association with intimacy and domesticity into an artistic idiom characterized by industrial production and bravado.”