Crochet Playscapes: 13 Interactive String Art Installations

Crocheted Net Environments by Ernesto Neto

Crocheted Playscapes Neto Environment
Crocheted Playscapes Neto Environment 2

Another installation by Ernesto Neto is created at an even grander scale at the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires. The multi-sensory exhibit entitled ‘Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World’ includes sacks of colorful, richly scented spices like saffron in cloves hanging down from the net structure in the shape of massive droplets.

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium Crochet Installation Project

Crocheted Playscapes Community NYC

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium‘ is an ongoing crochet installation project by multi-disciplinary artist Mandy Greer, traveling to multiple locations around the country. The project involves both community participation and an installation of a 300-foot fiber river of recycled yarns and fabrics crocheted into the trees of a community. MMMM “celebrates the splendor of our urban creeks and watersheds and the communities that protect them.” Greer teaches anyone in the community who’s willing to learn how to crochet and has them help create the installation.

Bright Red Monolithic Rope Installation in NYC by Orly Genger

Crocheted Playscapes Monolithic
Crochet Playgronds Genger Wave 2

Another rope installation by Orly Genger breaks out of gallery walls in favor of a public location – Madison Square Park in New York City. ‘Red, Yellow and Blue’ is a wave-like commission made of an incredible 1.4 million feet of hand-crocheted lobster-fisher rope. The final installation was covered in over 3,500 gallons of paint and weighs 100,000 pounds.

Floating String Sculptures Mimic the Aurora Borealis

Crocheted Playscapes Aurora

Billowing in the air, these large-scale string sculptures stand out against the night sky in vivid colors to evoke the natural wonder of the Aurora Borealis. Artist Janet Echelman creates them with traditional net-weaving techniques, working with a team of aeronautical and mechanical engineers to produce a final product that takes on a life of its own when suspended in the air.