Flexible Interiors: 13 Shape-Shifting Small Apartments

Roll It Compact Housing Turns to Create New Spaces

Transforming Interiors Roll It

This might just be the most unconventional way of transforming your surroundings in a small living space: ‘Roll It,’ a cylinder-shaped home that offers different functions when you change its orientation. Various platforms become beds, seats or tables depending on how the the wheel-like core of the house is turned.

Shapeshifting Tokyo Apartment by Yuko Shibata

Transforming Interiors Yuko Shibata

A client who works from home wanted his tiny Tokyo apartment to completely change when the day’s work tasks are over. Yuko Shibata architects created sliding and swinging doors and walls as well as a variety of built-ins. Possibly the most novel approach is a wall mounted to a ceiling track that slides over a long table to divide it for work, or reveal the entire table for dining.

Amazing Adaptable Structures by Olson Kundig

Transforming Interiors Olson Kundig

Transforming on a larger scale, Olson Kundig’s adaptable structures feature massive garage-like doors that open entire walls or even the ceiling to the outdoors. Check them out in this stop-motion video.

Converted Church with Transforming Details

Transforming Interiors Converted Church

Modern meets traditional style in a church converted to an apartment, with beautiful historic details like arched windows and vaulted ceilings preserved while adaptable built-ins fit in more function than you’d expect. Elements that slide and unfold make it possible to hide clutter and keep everything compact, leaving the interiors bright and open.