Flexible Interiors: 13 Shape-Shifting Small Apartments

Sculptural Transforming Wall

Transforming Interiors Sculptural Wall

A faceted, sculptural wooden wall features a rotating block with a TV panel so the home’s occupants can watch television from whichever part of this small apartment they’re sitting in. The wall also hides the entire kitchen.

Tiny Transforming Apartment in Barcelona

Transforming Apartment Tiny

Everything in this 258-square-foot apartment (which used to be the water tank for the building) can be hidden away behind folding panels. The owner converted what used to be a bare-bones space into a comfortable home with a wooden wall concealing storage, a small kitchen and more.

Barcode Room Space-Saving Apartment

Transforming Interiors Barcode

The Barcode Room by Studio_o1 has twelve different ‘bars’ or walls that can be moved into various configurations. Living, sleeping and dining/cooking functions are held within these sliding wooden structures, which can be moved across the room to create a variety of spaces.

Space-Saving Partitions

Transforming Interiors Modular 1 Transforming Interiors Modular 2

A modular divider system that can fit within virtually any space opens up in all kinds of ways for maximum flexibility. The modules, which include fold-out tables, beds and couches, can be packed away or closed when they’re not needed.