The Way We Wore: 12 Clothesed & Abandoned Dry Cleaners

Needs Referbishing

abandoned Toronto dry cleaners(images via: Biohazard, Joe Clark and Carsten Knoch)

This abandoned downtown Toronto dry cleaners occupies a choice corner location and needs only a little “referbish”-ment to enjoy a well-deserved revival. These images were taken in 2006 and doubtless the former dry cleaner’s status has changed over the past seven-odd years. Wonder what became of the mattress.

S&E is SOL

abandoned S&E dry cleaners Darlington SC(image via: Panoramio/Charles R)

Credit Panoramio user Charles R with the gloomily evocative photo of the former S&E Dry Cleaners. The Darlington SC business was looking dreary and decrepit in November of 2009, and undoubtedly it looks worse today: drier probably, cleaner not likely.

Economically Unfriendly

abandoned Green Lake Seattle Dry Cleaning Station(images via: My Green Lake)

Dry Cleaning Station in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood may have been “environmentally friendly” but being green – even in Green Lake – doesn’t pay the bills. End result? Locks went on the business’s doors on September 29th of 2011 and all customers’ clothing inside was moved to another dry cleaners’ in Burien, 16 miles away. Driving all the way to Burien and back is NOT environmentally friendly, dudes.

Run, Forest Dale, Run!

Forest Dale laundry & dry cleaners(image via: Adam’s Journey)

Forest Dale Laundry & Dry Cleaners has seen better days, ditto for its weathered sign. The downtown Forest City, North Carolina dry cleaner sprung up sometime during the golden age of dry cleaning in America – roughly 1950 through 1970 – and sunk out of sight along with so many others as the concept of dry cleaning fell from favor. Consider the image above, captured beautifully by Flickr user Adam Prince, to be a formerly clean and shiny sign of the times.