Photo Finished: 9 Snappy Camera-Shaped Buildings

Dreamy Camera Cafe – Yangpyeong-gun, South Korea

Dreamy Camera Cafe Korea Rolleiflex(image via: Geeksugar)

If every picture tells a story, then this two story camera-shaped cafe an hour’s drive out of Seoul, South Korea must have twice as much to tell. This vintage Rolleiflex-tastic coffee shop is owned and operated by a married couple who live in a very pretty but otherwise ordinary-looking house right next door. Be sure to check out WebUrbanist’s detailed investigation of the Dreamy Camera Cafe in all its illustrated glory!

Camera House – Biddeford Pool, ME, USA

Camera House Biddeford Pool Maine(images via: Wary Meyers Decorative Arts, Karen Seifert and Maine Seaside Rentals)

The so-called Camera House in Biddeford Pool, Maine, was built for the Kodak family. This explains the classic Instamatic appearance highlighted by a raised lookout platform that evokes the look of a late 20th century removable flashcube.

Camera House Biddeford Pool Maine beach(image via: NH Mountain Hiking)

The camera-like design is less apparent from the rear but it’s still one cool-looking home! Better yet, the Kodak family no longer owns the 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house having fallen on hard times, and it’s now listed by Maine Seaside Rentals. As one might expect, the Camera House is “One of our most popular properties, it is hard to find an available summer week here.” Oh snap!