World’s Weirdest Hotels: 14 Unique Offbeat Accommodations

Capsule Hotel, The Netherlands

Weirdest Hotels Capsule Netherlands

Old oil rig survival pods from the 1970s have been reclaimed as floating hotel rooms at the Capsule Hotel in The Hague. The pods make up a hostel managed by the alternative surfing community Free Architecture Surf Terrain; each has space for three people and is decked out in ’70s decor.

The Atomium Hotel, Brussels

Weirdest Hotels Atomium 1
Weirdest Hotels Atomium 2

A architectural icon in Brussels since it was built for the 1958 World Fair Exposition, The Atomium offers up lodging for school groups, with one of its spheres dedicated to kids. Within that larger spheres, mini spheres (water molecules) hang from the ceiling for sleeping, while other spheres on the ground are used for workshops and play.

Palacio del Sal Salt Hotel, Bolivia

Weirdest Hotels Salt Bolivia

Located in lar de Uyuni, Bolivia – the world’s largest salt flat – Palacio del Sal is made almost entirely out of salt blocks out of necessity, as other building materials are hard to come by in the region. The floors, walls, ceilings and built-in furniture are all made out of salt. Built in 2007 to house travelers visiting the area, the hotel has 16 private rooms.

Crane Hotel, The Netherlands

Weirdest Hotels Crane

Not only can you sleep inside a working crane at the Harbour Crane Hotel in The Netherlands, you can actually operate it. This highly unusual hotel room boasts panoramic views of the sea, a parlor, a bathroom and a balcony.