World’s Weirdest Hotels: 14 Unique Offbeat Accommodations

Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho

Weirdest Hotels Dog Bark Park

One of Idaho’s weirdest roadside attractions is also a bed and breakfast. The giant dog-shaped house was built by a pair of self-taught chainsaw artists, who produce miniatures of the structure for lodgers to take home.

Hemp Hotel, Amsterdam

Weirdest Hotels Hemp Amsterdam

Snack on hemp-flour rolls and sip hemp tea at Amsterdam’s Hemp Hotel, a Reggae- and cannabis-themed, ‘smoke-friendly’ establishment where practically everything is made from hemp. Past guests have included (big surprise) Willy Nelson and Woody Harrelson.

Utter Inn, Sweden

Weirdest Hotels Utter Inn

What looks from the outside like a shed that’s not even spacious enough to house a bed is actually just the entrance to an underwater hotel room submerged beneath the surface of Sweden’s Lake Mälaren. Utter Inn offers two twin beds, a small kitchenette and a relaxing topside deck.

Toilet Hotel, South Korea

Weirdest Hotels Toilet

Sensing a theme? Hotels that dabble in potty humor have nothing on the Flush Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, which was built to look like a giant toilet. But the point of this strange structure isn’t just shock value. The owner spent $1.6 million building it with the intent of raising awareness about sanitation around the world, and not just anyone can stay there: at $50,000 per night, rentals are basically funding for sanitation-related projects in developing countries.

Can Sleep, Denmark

Weirdest Hotels Beer Can

Some lucky attendees of Denmark’s Skanderborg Music Festival, also known as Smukfest, get to sleep in a 2-story aluminum Royal Unibrew beer can. 114 of these 12.5-foot-high, IKEA-furnished CanSleep units are available for $145 per night when the festival runs each August.