Dream Boats: 15 Insanely Luxurious Super-Yacht Designs

Unique Circle Yachts by Zaha Hadid
Fantasy Yachts Hadid 1
Fantasy Yachts Hadid 2

Architect Zaha Hadid applied her organic sense of aesthetics to ‘Unique Circle Yachts,’ a series of five individual 90 meter yachts for Blohm + Voss with a design informed by “fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems, with hydrodynamic research shaping the design of the hull.” Says Hadid, “The exoskeleton structure of the upper section is an interwoven network of supports that vary in thickness and lend a natural aesthetic to the yacht’s external appearance; evoking the organic structural systems of natural marine formations and connecting the various levels and decks of the ship seamlessly via expressive diagonals.”

Oculus Yacht
Fantasy Yachts Oculus
Fantasy Yachts Oculus 2

There’s something comical about the Oculus yacht, a ship that looks like a giant white fish surfacing to catch some food in its open mouth. Designed by Schöpfer, the 250-foot long-range cruising yacht can accommodate 14 people in five-star-hotel comfort, with a three-level interior and 12-foot ceilings.

Atreides Yacht by Vuk Dragovic
Fantasy Yachts Dragovich
Fantasy Yachts Dragovich 2

A fully extendable shallow pool extending from the year of the Atreides Yacht by Vuk Dragovic provides a sheltered place to swim. While many yachts offer pools that can be thrown into the water, no other designs have featured this sort of retractible pool. The solar panels on the roof are a nice touch, too.

Voronoi Lacework Yacht
Fantasy Yachts Voronoi

An intricate lacework hull gives the Voronoi mega-yacht its highly unusual appearance, letting in fresh air and sunlight while sheltering inhabitants with a honeycomb pattern. Designed by yacht enthusiast Hyun-Seok Kim, the yacht is made for entertainment purposes and features an indoor garden, golfing green, hot tubs and a pool.

Floating City Yacht
Fantasy Yachts Floating City 1

Four platforms equipped with thrusters keep this ‘yacht island’ stable even in extreme weather. While ‘Project Utopia‘ doesn’t look like a yacht in any conventional sense with round 13-floor design, it’s able to move ‘at slow speeds.’ Says the designer, “Utopia is not an object to travel in, it is a place to be, an island established for anyone who has the vision to create such a place.”