Almost Human: 15 Frighteningly Realistic Robots & Androids

Creepy Androids Petman 1

Creepy Androids PETMAN 2

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is responsible for all sorts of startling robotic creations, but the PETMAN may be the most jaw-dropping yet. Looking like a man dressed in head-to-toe camouflage, the robot can climb stairs, do pushups, run and perform other movements even when being exposed to chemical warfare agents.

Alissa: Russia’s First Realistic Android
Creepy Androids Alissa 2

Creepy Androids Alissa 1

Russia has produced its own realistic android in the form of Alissa, whose face is a silicone mask made from one of the Neurobotic company’s employees. But unlike other android heads, Alissa has only 8 points of articulation, making her a little more stiff than the others we’ve seen. The head is mounted on a mannequin with a wheel base so it can whirr around the room.

Giant Fighting Fembots
Creepy Androids Fighting Fembots

Creepy Androids Fighting Fembots 2

Giant fighting ‘fembots’ are among the attractions at Tokyo’s first robot restaurant. The eatery and entertainment establishment cost an incredible $125.8 million to build, and yet the menu consists mostly of bottled and canned drinks. The androids – with their Transformer-like stomping feet, bikini tops, braided hair and ability to dance to Lady Gaga – are the real draw. Customers pay about $50 to watch them brawl.

Creepy Androids Roboy 1

Creepy Androids Roboy 2

Roboy is a 3D-printed humanoid robot that helps doctors diagnose human stroke victims and understand how the brain and body interact. Developed by a team of over 40 engineers and scientists, the robot has soft flexible skin, modular muscles equipped with coiled springs and 3D-printed bones, joints and tendons. He might not look like a human, but he moves more like a human than most of the realistic robots.