Living in a Bubble: 15 Privacy-Free Transparent Houses

Peekaboo Apartment

Clear Houses Converted Apartment 1 Clear Houses Converted Apartment 2

Clear panes of glass offering an unshielded look into a bright white apartment contrast starkly with dark, heavy stone in this curious condo conversion. Designer Anne Sohpie Goneau renovated a highly traditional space into a light and open modern apartment full of slick black and white surfaces.


Clear Houses ISEAMI 1 Clear Houses ISEAMI 2

If you lived in a Costa Rican jungle overlooking the sea, how could you not have as much glass as possible in your home to enjoy every second of the views? The ISEAMI House by Robles Arquitectos will serve as a multifunctional space for meditation, yoga and other activities for the ISEAMI Institute, with a residence on the second floor for the director.

Life-Sized Dollhouse

Clear Houses Dollhouse 2 Clear Houses Dollhouse 1

A life-sized dollhouse glowing in a dark, rural Canadian field is a strange sight to see. Artist Heather Benning came across an abandoned farmhouse in Saskatchewan and transformed it with a partial renovation that created the dollhouse interior while preserving the decay of the exterior. One wall was removed altogether and repaved with glass for the full effect.

Bubble Hotel

Clear Houses Bubble Hotel 1 Clear Houses Bubble Hotel 2

Live in a bubble, literally, with fun portable accommodations perfect for travelers who want to feel connected to their environment but still sleep in a ‘real bed.’ The Bubble Hotel in Marseille, France is a series of inflatable pods ranging from entirely transparent to partially opaque. A nearby lodge offers common space.