Beyond Basic Bikes: 12 Twists on Classic Cycle Designs

Samsung Galaxy Tab Bike

Bicycle Innovations Galaxy Tab

In an example of apparently adding tech to bicycles just for the heck of it, or perhaps to promote their custom bike-building services, UK-based 14 Bike Co. essentially added a way to attach a Samsung Galaxy Tab to the bike frame. Better hope you don’t crash.

Universal Bike Adjusts to Fit Anybody

Bicycle Innovations Universal

Finding the proper fit in a bicycle can be a tricky task, and ultimately, many people end up with a bike that’s the wrong size or proportions for their body. The Universal Bike by Brooklyness aims to solve this problem with an adjustable carbon fiber frame. Everything from the bike’s length to the angles of the seat tube and front fork can be changed to make sure weight is even distributed.

IKEA-Inspired Easy-to-Assemble Bike

Bicycle Innovations Ikea 1

Bicycle Innovations Ikea 2

This simple wooden bicycle is super easy to ship and store thanks to a flat-pack design that can be assembled with a single allen wrench, IKEA-style. Hopefully the directions are a little more robust than those of the infamously vague Swedish furniture maker.

The Growing Kidzbike

Bicycle Innovation Growing Kids

The Growing Kidzbike will keep up with your child over the years, going from a toddler-sized bike to one fitting an older child. Not only does the frame adjust, the wheels do, too.