Beyond Basic Bikes: 12 Twists on Classic Cycle Designs


Bicycle Innovation Halfbike 1

Bicycle Innovation Halfbike 2

Another bike design that combines running and cycling, the Halfbike is simple and compact, designed specifically to help residents of big cities get around. Gone are the seat and handlebars, leaving one front wheel and pivoting back wheels along with a pole steering device.

Bending Bicycle: Theft-Proof?

Bicycle Innovation Bending 1

Bicycle Innovation Bending 2

It’s a lot harder to run off with somebody else’s bike when the lock is threaded through the frame and both wheels, but of course, that’s physically impossible. Until now. This bizarre bicycle frame features a ratchet system that enables it to go from rigid to bendable and back again, so it can be wrapped around lampposts.

Etta Commuter Bike

Bicycle Innovation Etta Commuter
Need a simple bike just for getting around every day, that’s capable of carrying groceries and other cargo? The Etta has a comfortable high-backed seat to make the rider more visible for enhanced safety, and offer a smoother ride.

Travel Tent Hidden in a Bicycle Wheel
Bicycle Innovations Tent 1

Bicycle Innovations Tent 2

Ride your bike to your camping destination and simply unzip a little kit mounted to one wheel for an instant tent. The Travel Tent is integrated into a special bicycle wheel, but it would be cool to see one that actually adapts to any bike.