Roaming Homes: 15 DIY RVs, Converted Buses & Tiny Houses

Converted Fire Truck RV
DIY Mobile Home Fire Truck 1

DIY MObile Home Fire Truck 2

DIY Mobile Home Fire Truck 3

Reddit user Swoesh shared photos of the incredible off-road RV his dad built from an old fire truck, fortifying the frame so it could support more weight and transforming it into a living space. It’s got roof racks, a custom-made elevator for a motorcycle, a kitchen, a full bathroom, seating, a bed and a fold-out table.

Camper Bike
DIY Mobile Homes Camper Bike 1

DIY Mobile Homes Camper Bike 2

Cyclists can get in on the DIY camper game, too, as proven by artist Kevin Cyr, who has created a series of bike-based mobile homes. While technically an art project, this bike camper is fully functional, lightweight enough to be pulled down the street with no more than leg power. There’s just enough space inside to lie down, have a meal and store some basic belongings.

Biofuel-Powered Hybrid Home on Wheels
DIY Mobile Homes Biofuel Hybrid

This cool DIY mobile home creation is most notable for that massive curving over-the-cab window. SunRay Kelley bought a vintage 1984 Toyota dolphin camper vehicle, demolished the camper shell and built his own out of recycled aluminum, cedar and stained glass. It’s also got a back porch and is powered by solar, electric and diesel.

DIY Japanese-Style Mobile Home
DIY Mobile Homes Japanese Style

Inspired by the zen simplicity of Japanese design, this highly unusual self-built motor home has a hydraulic lift system that opens up a large loft space when the vehicle is stopped. It’s got a bathroom, deck and skylight as well as stairs that double as storage space and a small kitchen complete with a rice cooker. See the whole building process and many detailed photos here.

Rolling Huts
DIY Mobile Homes Rolling Huts 1

DIY Mobile Homes rolling huts 2

DIY Mobile Homes Rolling Huts 3

Tiny houses definitely don’t have to be rustic. Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects designed one chic modern version called a Rolling Hut, which has a sleek, minimalist wood-lined interior, kitchenette, wood stove and lots of glass for gazing at the surrounding landscape.

Modern Tiny House on Wheels
DIY Mobile Homes Modern Tiny 1

DIY Mobile Homes Modern Tiny 2

DIY Mobile Homes Modern Tiny 3

Another custom-built tiny house with a modern look is documented at Builder Andrew Morrison and his wife Gabriela wanted a sustainable, mortgage-free home that was every bit as comfortable as a standard residence, and managed to fit a lot of function into a very small space.