When Every Inch Counts: 14 More Clever Small Space Hacks

Pop-Up Coffee Table Turned Desk
Small Space Hacks Bellagio Table 1

The Bellagio by Resource Furniture starts as a standard coffee table, but pops up to the perfect level to work or dine, with storage hidden underneath the surface.

Steamer Trunk Secretary by Restoration Hardware
Small Space Hacks Steamer Trunk

Small Space Hacks Steamer Trunk 2

If you’re eager to put compact mobile furniture to work in your own home and you’ve got some cash to drop, Restoration Hardware offers a steamer trunk secretary that has plenty of space for your home office when open, but closes and rolls away when you don’t need it.

Extreme Space-Saving Stairs
Small Space Hacks Extreme Stairs

These uniquely shaped, zig-zagging stair treads barely take up any space but offer a lot more comfort for loft access than a ladder. See 15 more space-saving stair designs for lofts.

Bed Platform with Storage
Small Space Hacks Bed Platform Storage

A wooden platform built into a nook in this bright, modern apartment makes the bedroom area feel separate from the living space while adding quite a bit of storage.

Tiny Closet in a Staircase
Small Space Hacks Tiny Closet Staircase

This custom birch staircase hidden away in a corner of an apartment is the perfect spot to hang a clothes rack and store a row or two of shoes, making use of a space that’s often reserved for a single purpose only.