When Every Inch Counts: 14 More Clever Small Space Hacks

Bookshelf Transforms into a Table
Small Space Hacks Bookcase Table

‘Trick’ by Sakura Adachi is a multifunctional bookcase that pulls out into a small table with two chairs. It’s easy to imagine this design in a tiny house or micro apartment where every inch of space is precious.

DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Small Space Hacks DIY Bathroom Cabinet

If you’ve got a mere six inches of space available against a wall in your bathroom, you could have a place to hide all of those toiletries, cleaning products and hair styling implements. Free plans are offered here.

Store Bins on the Ceiling

Small Space Hacks Ceiling Bins

This DIY sliding storage system for storing bins on ceilings was created with garages in mind, but could also be used in closets or other tucked-away spaces of the home.

Bookshelf Bike Rack

Small Space Hacks Bookshelf Bike Rack 1

If you find yourself tripping over your bike all the time in your small apartment, there’s a smart and stylish way to store it and display it at the same time. The Bike Shelf by Knife & Saw is an attractive wooden shelf that keeps bikes off the floor and also offers a surface for books or decorative objects.