Future Typing: 15 Creative Keyboard Designs & Concepts

Qii Flexible Roll-Up Keyboard


Roll-up keyboards have become increasingly available and affordable in recent years, but none have been quite so small as the Qii, which packs down to the size of a roll of coins. It rolls out like a tape measure, can be laid on nearly any surface and connects to devices via Bluetooth. The flexible material it’s made from also ensures durability – you can spill drinks on it, drop it repeatedly or even hit it with a hammer and it’ll be fine.

Celluon Magic Cube
Keyboards Celluon Magic Cube

The Celluon Magic Cube is another laser projection keyboard that creates a virtual, full-sized keyboard on any flat surface. It’s compatible with smartphones, tablets and laptops that have Bluetooth, charges via USB, and doubles as a multi-touch mouse.

Modular Puzzle Keyboard
Keyboards Puzzle 1

Not a fan of the QWERTY layout? Want something more intuitive? You could custom-build your very own modular keyboard with the ‘Puzzle Keyboard,’ a concept that enables you to move the individual keys wherever you want them.

One-Handed Five-Button Keyboard
Keyboards Five Button

Inspired by jellyfish, this one-handed keyboard enables you to use just a few keys in various combinations to perform basic keyboard functions. The idea has been around since 1968, but this particular design by Erik Campbell aims to enhance usability with a comfortable grip that’s easy on the hand, reducing stress on the fingers when typing. That makes it a particularly good option for people with physical limitations. Once you learn how to use it, it’s possible to type faster than you’re typically able to on a regular keyboard.

Microsoft Keyflex: Flexible Social Networking
Keyboard Microsoft Keyflex 1

Keyboard Microsoft Keyflex 2

Bend, squeeze twist and flex this unusual keyboard design to perform functions like raising and lowering volume or to ‘share’ and ‘like’ things on Facebook. It’s kind of like a gaming controller for social networking, intended for those times when you’re just hanging out watching movies, talking to friends online or surfing the web rather than doing work.