Future Typing: 15 Creative Keyboard Designs & Concepts

Flip-Out Keyboard for Phones
Keyboards Fliptype 1

Keyboard Fliptype 2

Another option for people who have trouble with tiny on-screen keyboards, the Fliptype integrates a flip-out keyboard right into a case for the iPhone. Lay the typing strap across the screen to make the typing experience more tactile, or flip it back when you don’t need it.

Customizable E-Ink Keyboard
Keyboards E-Ink 1


Instead of using modular keys, this customizable keyboard makes use of e-ink to transform the keys into whatever layout you prefer. It also saves power compared to conventional keyboards.

Self-Cleaning UVLight Board
Keyboards UV Light

Keyboards UV Light 2

Keyboards harbor up to 60 times more germs than a toilet, according to studies, yet we don’t think twice about putting our fingers all over them every day. This concept zaps bacteria with a UV light source. The UV LightBOARD is ultra-slim, strategically tilted at ten degrees and an optical light guide that illuminates the buttons.

Fold-Up Space-Saving Keyboard
fold out keyboard

fold-out keyboard 2

This fold-out keyboard concept makes tiny portable computers easier to use. The iWeb 2.0 laptop concept has a touch screen that’s just 6.5 inches, yet a full-sized keyboard.

Retro Typewriter Keyboard

If typing just isn’t the same for you without the satisfying click-clack noises of typewriter keys, this option by Qwerkytoys might be right up your alley. Qwerkywriter is a USB and Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that looks and sounds just like its old-fashioned inspiration.