Next-Level Pop-Ups: 15 Creative Sidewalk Shops & Services

Sleeping Around: Pop-Up Hotel Requires GPS to Locate
pop up gps hotel 1

pop up gps hotel 2

Stay in a comfortable, modern hotel suite housed inside a shipping container in any number of desirable locations in Belgium – if you can find them. ‘Sleeping Around‘ is a pop-up hotel without an address, constantly moving around so that guests are required to locate their rooms via GPS.

Clothes for the Homeless Sidewalk Store
pop up homeless 1

pop up homeless 2

Somewhere between a retail pop-up shop, a homeless services center and a charity bin, the Street Store is an incredibly simple pop-up shop consisting of simple cardboard posters that can be hung on walls or fences to display donated clothes for the homeless. Citizens who want to help can drop off clothes and shoes, and anyone in need can come by and take what fits.

Adidas Store in a Shoebox
pop up shoebox store 1

pop up shoebox store 2

In this case ‘shoebox-sized store’ isn’t hyperbole – it’s just a misrepresentation of the actual size of the shoebox in reference, is all. Adidas opened a pop-up store in London that’s a scale replica of its own shoebox. In addition to selling limited edition shoes, the shop offered customers an opportunity to personalize their lace locks using one of the many 3D Systems Cube printers lining the walls.

Walking Dead Pop-Up Requires Your Payment in Blood
pop up walking dead

Coming across a pop-up shop offering nothing but official Walking Dead merchandise is unusual enough, but wait until you get to the checkout line and find out what the required form of payment is. FOX Portugal teamed up with the Portuguese National Blood Bank Institute to open a shop that translates millimeters of blood into product value, so the more you donate, the more bloody zombie-themed goodies you get to take home.