14 Futuristic Bicycles: From Flying Bikes to Pedaling Robots

Steel Wheel Bicycle

futuristic steel wheel bicycle 1

futuristic steel wheel bicycle 2

It might be a bit of a bumpy ride, but at least you won’t get any more flat tires with the Two Nuns Bicycle, which features decorative wheels constructed from 18 connected strips of steel. While it’s definitely more of an art bike than a functioning ride, it’s an interesting example of a highly unconventional, tire-less bike wheel.

Grasshopper Folding Recumbent Bike

futuristic grasshopper bike 1

futuristic grasshopper folding bike 2

The Grasshopper recumbent bike folds down to a compact package within sixty seconds, and features an integrated security bolt. Unlike most of the bikes on this list, this one is actually available for purchase from HP Velotechnik.

Oryx Racing Bike

futuristic oryx bike 1

futuristic oryx bike 2

The Y-frame shape of the Oryx bike makes it shock-proof without losing ground contact, and gives it a cool, streamlined look. This bike has a one-sided fork and chain-stay and quick-release wheels. The designer calls the mechanism ‘propulsion like a battleship.’ It’s hard to say exactly how well this concept would fare on the road in reality, but it’s definitely a sleek visual.

Demon Alien-Inspired Bike

futuristic bikes predator 1

futuristic bikes predator 2

Seen alone without the rest of the bike’s components, the frame of the Demon Downhill Bicycle is clearly inspired by the title creature from Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien. Designer Richard Malachowski calls it “a symbiosis between animals and technology.” The reinforced carbon fiber exoskeleton replaces the traditional tubular frame for enhanced strength.