Spines of Steel: 12 Super Strong Exoskeleton-Inspired Designs

Exoskeleton Shoes by Janina Alleyne

exoskeleton design shoes

Designer Janina Alleyne combines biomimicry and 3D printing techniques to create the ‘Exoskeleton collection,’ a futuristic footwear series. Uncomfortable as this high-tech fashion might look, 3D scanning and printing enables the shoes to fit the wearer’s foot perfectly.

Exoskeleton Watch: Armor For Your Wrist

exoskeleton design wrist armor 1

exoskeleton design wrist armor 2

You’ll have to get used to telling time in a whole new way with Peter Fletcher’s Exoskeleton Watch, but it might be worth it just to feel like your’e wearing armor. The gaps between the plates that form the armor-like texture are used to hold LED lights, which display the time in digital format.

Exoskeleton Furniture Collection

exoskeleton design furniture 1

exoskeleton furniture 2

External frames ‘protect’ this sleek furniture series from damage and give it an industrial look. The Exo collection (a popular name for exoskeleton-inspired designs) by Gregoire de Lafforest converts the concept of developing biomechanics or machine-like exoskeletons into physical objects for the home, putting furniture frames on the outside of each piece to make them the main visual element.

Unique Circle: Zaha Hadid Superyacht

exoskeleton design zaha hadid yacht 1

exoskeleton design zaha hadid yacht 2

Architect Zaha Hadid is well-known for her bio-inspired designs, which often take cues from living creatures in both their looks and the way they function. Commissioned by shipbuilders Blohm + Voss to design a superyacht, Hadid created an exoskeleton structure based on fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems to give it a unique shape. This webbed formation acts as an external shell, visually and physically onnecting the various levels and decks of the ship with diagonal lines.