More Map Art: 27 Cool Cartographic Sculptures & Drawings

Flocks of Map Birds by Claire Brewster

map art birds 1

map art birds 2

map art birds 3

Maps and paper cutting art come together in this series from London-based artist Claire Brewster, who says “Nature is ever present, even in the most urban environments, taking over wherever we neglect, living in a separate yet parallel universe. I take inspiration from the natural environment, creating entomological installations of flora and fauna from imagined locations. My birds, insects and flowers transcend borders and pass freely between countries with scant regard for rules of immigration or the effects of biodiversity.”

City Sculptures by Matthew Picton

map art city sculptures 1

map art city sculptures 2

map art city sculptures 4

What did Dresden look like when it was bombed in 1945 – or more importantly, what did it feel like? Artist Matthew Picton’s ‘Urban History’ series captures cities at pivotal moments, whether related to the violence of war, economic growth or natural disasters. The Fire of Moscow in 1812 is depicted with charred paper, while Las Vegas is recreated in impossibly orderly neon yellow.

Flowing Cities by Istvan

map art flowing cities 1

map art flowing cities 2

Digital artist Istavan explores the effects that cities could be having upon the surrounding environment with ‘Flowing Cities,’ saying “I wanted to represent the influence of cities on their environment as a kind of invisible fluid that overflows from the city to its surrounding. I retrieved city maps which I then used in World Machine as if they were 3D terrain. I’ve mixed the maps with procedural terrains in order to get the erosion flow I wanted. I then retrieved the ‘erosion flow map’ and I postworked it in Photoshop to give a unique identity to each city.”

Laser-Cut Wood Maps by Below the Boat

map art laser cut wood 1 map art laser-cut wood 2 map art laser cut wood 3

Lakes and other landscape features are laser-cut into thin sheets of wood for a sort of reverse-topographical effect in this beautiful series by Below the Boat. Images of all sorts of lakes, islands and coastal regions around the United States and Canada are available for purchase, with select layers hand-colored blue to distinguish land from water.

World Map Chiseled into a Wall by Jean Denant

map art chiseled 1

map art chiseled 2

It took a little destruction to recreate the world in Jean Denant’s ‘World Map.’ The artist chisels into walls with construction tools to reveal the outlines of the continents, digging deeper for added depth.