Dream Rooms: 14 Unreal-Feeling Art Gallery Transformations

Depth by Regina Silveira

surreal art silveira 1

surreal art silveira 2

Anyone entering this surreal space by Brazilian artist Regina Silveira feels as if they could drop through the seemingly non-existent floor at any moment. Entitled ‘Depth’, the installation in Lodz, Poland multiplies a series of black and white windows so that they seem to descend story after story into the ground.

On Space Time Foam

surreal art space time 1

surreal art space time 2

Translucent PVC membranes suspended nearly 80 feet above the ground provide a strange playground in a Milan gallery, enabling guests to walk and bounce on the upper surface while others gaze up at them from below. On Space Time Foam alludes to “the primordial state of matter from which the universe formed.”

Beneath the Roots: Humus 2012

surreal art tree roots 1

surreal art tree roots 2

This exhibit gives us an idea of what it would be like if we could walk around underground and gaze at the root systems of trees, invisible from our place above the surface of the soil. Humus 2012 by Guiseppe Licari took over Tent Rotterdam, hanging tree roots from the ceiling.

Suspended Shirts by Kaarina Kaikkonen

surreal art suspended shirts 1

surreal art suspended shirts 2

Hundreds of secondhand shirts hang on clotheslines in warehouse spaces or even above the streets in installations by Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen. “Through my work I try to search my constantly changing outline,” says the artist. “I need an outline to understand myself more clearly – to understand where the internal ends and the external begins.”