Classical Art in Modern Contexts: 25 Clever Artistic Remixes

Heironymous Bosch Paintings on Doc Martens

classical art bosch doc martens 1

classical art bosch doc martens 2

Bosch produced some of the darkest and most riveting depictions of Hell in the Middle Ages, and his strange fantastical creations get a new audience today as a print on a bunch of Dr. Martens merchandise. The ‘Hell’ print is available on a range of boots, bags and accessories.

Classical Paintings Merged with Google Street View Shots of London

classical art london 1

classical art london 2

classical art london 3

Classic paintings depicting various scenes around London are spliced with Google Street View imagery in this series by Halley Docherty. The hybrid images contrast historical structures as they were seen centuries ago with their contemporary contexts in a city that has changed dramatically in many ways, yet stayed the same in others.

Milan Billboards Replaced with Paintings

classic art milan billboards 1

classic art milan billboards 2

classic art milan billboards 3

French street artist Etienne Lavie swaps outdoor advertisements for famous works of art throughout the cities of Milan and Paris in a series entitled ‘OMG Who Stole My Ads?’ This subversion of public space makes a statement about how many ads we’re subjected to as we go about our routines every day, and also encourages passersby to slow down for a moment and appreciate the work in its new context, perhaps prompting you to get something different out of it.