Electronic Autopsy: 24 Sculptures Made of Computer Parts

E-Waste Fossils by Peter McFarlane

circuit art fossils 3

circuit art fossils 2

circuit art fossils 1

Everything down to the tiny bones and scales on the fish is made from reclaimed computer parts in these works by Peter McFarlane, transforming electronic waste into fossils in a mash-up of the artificial and the organic. The relief sculptures make a reference to how quickly technology becomes obsolete.

Computer Architecture by Franco Recchia

circuit art architecture 4

circuit art architecture 3

circuit art architecture 2

circuit art architecture 1

Circuit boards and other computer components are among the materials you’ll find suggesting skyscrapers, factories and industrial machinery in the architectural sculptures of Italian artist Franco Recchia. According to his bio, Recchia “seeks inches sculptures to bring dignity to the process of modern creation, to highlight how every product produced by human hands contains talent, imagination and great beauty, and ultimately stems from the vast reservoir of human experience of which we are all a part.”

Large-Scale Computer Installations by Susan Stockwell

circuit art stockwell installation 2

circuit art stockwell installation 1

In addition to ‘World,’ her circuit board map, artist Susan Stockwell uses salvaged computer guts to produce large-scale gallery installations like ‘Flood,’ which is made of four tons of recycled components. These parts are merely borrowed from her recycling company supplier for each exhibition and then returned for proper disposal.