Waffle Walls and Brains Made of Bread: 24 Edible Creations

Food Paintings by Hong Yi

edible paintings hong li 3

edible paintings hong li 2

edible paintings hong li 1

With the backdrop of a white plate and media consisting of nothing but food, artist and architect Hong Yi created a different illustration every day for a month. Every element of each drawing had to be edible, and the materials ranged from common food items like sliced radishes and egg yolks to rare exotic fruits and whole squid.

Toast Pixels

edible food toast pixels 2

edible food toast pixels

If you were to eat this entire mural made of toast, you’d be consuming 31,824 calories. Toast Pixels by Arne Felix Magold is made of 612 slices of bread ranging from just barely toasted to completely burnt.

Disturbingly Realistic Brains

edible brains 2

edible brains 1

edible brains 3

Unless you’re secretly a zombie, looking at a brain doesn’t exactly whet the appetite. Does that change if it’s made out of sprinkles, black rice, sugar or bread? Nine human brains are rendered in a series of edible materials for artist Sara Asnaghi’s series, ‘What Have You Got in Your Head?’

Vegetable Dresses
edible dresses 3

edible dresses 2

Korean artist Yeonju Sung explores themes of impermanence and decay with the Wearable Food series, a collection of dresses made from edibles that begin to break down almost instantly after they’re photographed. Says the artist, “I drag out the types of images that can only exist in my mind and imagination into a reality and yet, it eventually disappears. I have physically made these images but they are the creation of illusion and ultimately what you see is the images of phantoms. My works remain as the medium of photographers, and it holds the time and makes us believe that the creation does exist in the real world.”