Waffle Walls and Brains Made of Bread: 24 Edible Creations

Incredibly Tiny Landscape Paintings on Food
edible miniature paintings 3

edible miniature paintings 2

edible miniature paintings 1

We’ve seen Hasan Kale’s impossibly tiny masterpieces painted on everything from butterfly wings to thumbtacks, but the Turkish artist has also turned his attention to food, using sliced almonds, bits of chocolate, bananas, peanut shells and M&Ms as canvases for his landscapes.

Miniature People in Worlds of Food

edible miniature worlds of food 1

edible miniature worlds of food 2

edible miniature worlds of food 3

Tiny people navigate worlds made of ice cream cones, peanut butter, toast and cinnamon sticks in this fun series of photographs by Christopher Boffoli. “When I began shooting some of the very earliest images in this series around 2003, food was a conscious choice as one of the components of the work as it can be very beautiful – in terms of texture and color – especially when shot with available light and macro lenses. Combining what are essentially food and toys makes the work instantly accessible to everyone. Regardless of language, culture and social status, almost everyone can identify with toys from their childhood.

Edible Architectural Still Life

edible architectural blueprint 2

edible architectural blueprint 1

Swedish food lab Atelier Food arranges all sorts of edible items onto a grid to create a sort of cityscape made of meat, cheese, bread and vegetables. Says the firm, “Atelier Foods identity is different tools that support the process. Atelier Food is all about cross-pollination of influences. The still life was a co-operation between an AD, a chef and a photographer. It was an invitation to a workshop on urban development but also an invitation to the actual concept – an illustration of how it works and an invitation to participate in the ongoing process.”

3D-Printed Living Food

edible 3d printed food 2

edible 3d printed living food

You eat the produce as well as the planter and soil all in one bite with ‘Edible Growth,’ a project that uses 3D printing to create tiny baskets made of dough. These casings contain edible soil and sprouting seeds that come to life within a few days, germinating mushrooms and sprouts.