Coolest Pools: 15 Enviable Modern Swimming Spots

Infinity Pool at a Mountain Getaway

modern pool mountain home 1

modern pool mountain home 2

Boulders mimicking the mountains that surround Villa Midgård in Sweden hug the swimming pool located on the deck of the upper level, the sparkling blue water contrasting with the rusted Corten steel of the house. A glass window gives anyone hanging out on the first level a view of the swimmers.

Swimming Pool in a Grecian Cave

modern pools cave 1

modern pools cave 2

Need a break from the direct sunlight bouncing off all of the reflective white surfaces of stunning Santorini, Greece, but want to keep swimming? The hotel Katikies on the Caldera Cliffs has two infinity pools directly overlooking the sea, but there’s also a sheltered swim spot built right into a cave.

Reflected Upper-Level Pool in Lichtenstein

modern pools lichtenstein 2

modern pools lichtenstein

Mirrored floor-to-ceiling windows on the Schaan Residence by km architecktur in Lichtenstein seem to multiply the long swimming pool that runs along the upper deck, overlooking mountains and meadows.

Glass Walls and Waterfalls in the Netherlands

modern pools glass wall waterfall

modern pools glass wallw aterfall 2

A coastal villa in the Netherlands by Centric Design Group gets a gorgeous modern oasis in its backyard in the form of a glass-walled pool with a simple but relaxing fountain pouring into it.

Staying Cool in Koh Samui
modern pools koh samui 2

modern pools koh samui 1

It seems like all of the world’s most beautiful resorts, from Maldives to Crete, have some kind of incredible infinity pool overlooking impossibly clear blue-green waters and palm trees. This modern holiday villa on the island of Koh Samui is a great example, with an L-shaped infinity pool that blurs the line between the water of the pool and the horizon beyond.