Photo Finished: 12 Closed & Abandoned Camera Stores

abandoned camera store 5a

abandoned camera store 5b

Keep watchin’ that birdie! Now shuttered and closed, the Dixie Photo Shop in St. George, Utah was a real going concern in the Fabulous Fifties – so much so that when its competitor Odegard Camera went under, Dixie’s owners bought their iconic “folding camera” neon sign and installed it above their own kitschy painted metal sign.

abandoned camera store 4

Judging from the decrepit condition of the sign and the associated building above, Foto Blitz must be at least 50 years old… yet who in post-war Venice, Italy would include the word “Blitz” in their store signage? Flickr user René may know the answer but he/she’s not telling – all we have to go on is the photo’s date (August 27th, 2013).

Don’t Take It To The Mac’s

abandoned camera store 9

Flickr user henry… doesn’t state where the former Mac’s Cameras is located but we can safely assume it’s somewhere in Merry Olde England… who else uses terms like “SHOP TO LET”? Give Mac’s credit, they had a good run of it having opened in 1953 but the world of photography has changed greatly since then.

No Hasselblad

abandoned camera store 12c

abandoned camera store 12a

abandoned camera store 12b

Yes, there really was a Frank at Frank’s Camera Store in Highland Park, CA , but after a half-century in in Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood and with both Frank and his wife nearing 90, it was time to close the shutters and shuffle off to the shuffleboard court. Full props to Flickr users JangoSnow, Jennifer Gaillard, and Ken Chan (TheKenChan) for the varied images of Frank’s Camera above.