Urban Playscapes: 14 Interactive Installations in NYC

The Roses by Will Ryman

nyc roses

This gigantic bouquet of roses remained fresh, planted in the ground between 57th and 67th streets on Park Avenue, bright against the dull winter surfaces of the city. 38 rose sculptures in all, towering as high as 25 feet, were scattered around the area along with fallen rose petals to instill a sense of hope about the coming spring.

Red Yellow and Blue by Orly Genger

nyc red yellow blue

nyc red yellow blue 2

nyc red yellow blue 3

1.4 million feet of repurposed, hand-knotted nautical rope soaked in 3,000 gallons of vivid paint snaked around Madison Square Park in red, yellow and blue for a temporary exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Orly Genger. The installation weighed an incredible 100,000 pounds.

This Land Is Your Land by Iván Navarro

nyc this land

nyc this land 2

nyc this land 3

nyc this land 4

Three water towers of unusually small stature stood in Madison Square Park in 2014, inviting viewers to stand beneath them and gaze up. When they did, what they saw was a surreal portal-like effect created with neon lights and mirrors. “I like the idea of a reservoir of water,” says artist Iván Navarro. “This simple and timeless wooden structure contains water, the most primitive and elemental resource, the essence of human sustenance, and a reminder of the basic condition that all humanity shares… in that sense the water tanks are containers of primordial knowledge.’

Match Maker by Young Projects

nyc match maker 1

nyc match maker 2

nyc match maker 3

Winner of the 2014 Times Square Heart Design competition, an installation of red and pink pipes entitled ‘Match Maker’ matches up passersby with others according to their astrological compatibility.

The New York City Waterfall Project by Olafur Eliasson

nyc waterfalls 3

nyc waterfalls 2

nyc waterfalls

Throughout the summer and fall of 2008, four monumental man-made waterfalls streamed along the New York City waterfront: one on the Brooklyn Bridge, one on the Brooklyn Piers one in Lower Manhattan at Pier 35 and one on the north shore of Governors Island. Standing up to 120 feet tall, the waterfalls were illuminated after sunset.