Arboreal Architecture: 14 Houses Built Around & Within Trees

JD House by BAK Architects
Tree Houses JD 1

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Casa JD by BAK Arquitectos seems to be a part of the forest itself, integrating several existing trees into its design. Made up of two perpendicular rectangular volumes, the house has a cantilevered terrace and glazed walls for maximum harmony with the wooded site in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Addition Built Around a Sycamore in Hollywood

tree houses addition LA 4

tree houses sycamore LA 1

tree houses sycamore LA 2

When a professional makeup artist’s 1,300-square-foot cedar house in the Hollywood Hills began to feel too small, he enlisted the help of a pair of architects to add on an extra bedroom with the caveat that it had to be built around an existing 65-foot sycamore tree. The result is an 800-square-foot tree house made of glass and cedar, the sycamore tree bursting through the floor and ceiling.

Tower House by GLUCK+
tree houses tower 1

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The first three floors of this vacation home in upstate New York are kept intentionally small, rising vertically in tower form to act as the main support for a cantilevered top floor looking out onto the landscape. Architecture firm GLUCK+ gave the house a reflective facade to blend in with the environment and enclosed the entire staircase in glass, giving it the look of a lantern at night.

Bark-Covered Tree House in Guatemala
tree houses guatemala 5

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Trees on a densely forested hillside in Guatemala City interact with the living spaces of a striking modern tree house by PAZ Arquitectura. Corallo House blends into the setting with lots of wood textures, concrete still bearing the imprint of its wooden form and a stepped design that flows naturally with the contours of the site.