Tools That Rule: 13 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Multipurpose Grid Tool

tools grid 1 tools grid 2

Draw a variety of lines, angles and shapes with literal laser precision using the Hoyss Tool 1.0, a delicate utensil with a laser-cut grid. Says the designer, “The precision of the grid brings graphic design inspiration to the foreground while its lightness and thinness allow you to simply slide it into your journal or keep it as a bookmark.”

Bits Wrench Concept

tools bits wrench

This multi-tool design packs a knife, screwdriver, wrench and a holder for bits into one minimalist miniature package. No clunky plastic, no extra junk, just the stuff you need.

Clamp Light

tools clamp light

This simple clamp light is like an ultra-durable plastic version of the flimsy metal ones you typically see at hardware stores, ideal for securing to the edge of a desk or work table.

Intuitive Safety Torch and Hammer

safe toch design idea

safe torch flashlight

This compact safety torch and hammer is made for emergency situations in vehicles, with one end breaking glass and the other slicing through seatbelt, but it’s easy to imagine it being a bit more versatile for other purposes, too.