Twisting History: 40+ Surreal Altered Vintage Photographs

Humorous Compositions by Joseba Elorza

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Digital collage and illustration come together to create imagery that’ll have you constructing back stories in your mind. Joseba Elorza started out as a sound technician and would work on collages at night, but “sight gradually took over hearing, and presently I’m making a living as an illustrator and animator.”

Embroidered Portraits by Maurizio Anzeri

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Abstract embroidery on found photographs seem to give them a new sense of emotional weight, as if interpreting the subtext with line work and color. According to Maurizio Anzeri’s artist statement, “The antique appearance of the photographs is often at odds with the sharp lines and silky shimmer of the threads. The combined media gives he effect of a dimension where history and future converge.”

Giving Photography Back to the Light by Amy Friend

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Light is an essential part of the photographic process, and artist Amy Friend helps us think about it in a new way with her series ‘Daré alla Luché.’ She pokes holes in photos found in vintage shops or old family albums and places them in front of a light source to create tiny constellations. Looking at old photos, she says, “I found myself asking over and over, ‘What is their story?’ I could not stop thinking about them. There are so many unanswered questions. Perhaps it’s that mystery that makes them so beautiful.”