Twisting History: 40+ Surreal Altered Vintage Photographs

Fractured Faces by Matthieu Bourel

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In his ‘Duplicity Serie,’ German artist Matthieu Bourel fragments the faces and bodies of photographed subjects, layering them into new and surreal compositions. “When successful, all the elements fall together with irony and tension while all other realities are obliterated, leaving the viewer as participant inside the picture, with his own codes and connections. The image then carries the weight of a personal reality. Most important, the final image actually gains a significant evocative quality I could not have expressed in any other way.”

Guns Turned Into Flowers by Mister Blick

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A French artist known only as Mister Blick has replaced all of the guns in old black and white wartime photographs with colorful illustrations of flowers. The result can turn what would otherwise be a very serious image into a humorous depiction of soldiers comically devoted to the transport and care of their oversized blooms.

Old Vacation Photos Turned Oil Paintings by Paco Pomet

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Digging through bins of old, unclaimed photos produces sources of creative inspiration for Paco Pomet, who then turns them into oil paintings with a twist or two. Children’s heads are replaced by those of dogs, limbs blend together and explosions appear on the horizon of otherwise peaceful landscape scenes. Though we don’t get to see the original photos, it’s easy to spot Pomet’s creative additions.