Lounge in an Alcove: 14 Nooks for Napping & Relaxing

The Cave: Bookcase and Reading Nook in One

nooks cave 2

An ergonomically-shaped lounger just large enough for a single reclined person fits within the dimensions of the ‘Cave’ bookcase for a compact, all-in-one reading experience.

Illuminated Wooden Nook at the Moormann Berge

nooks alcove bed germany

Step up into your own personal bunk, illuminated and situated over storage, at the Moorman-Berge hotel in Germany.

Scenic Sleeping Nook in Spain

nooks scenic spain

This simple nook sets a mattress into a wood-framed niche overlooking the stark Spanish landscape at the Hotel Aire de Bardenas in Navarre.

Closet Turned Reading Nook
nooks closet

Got an extra closet you don’t need? You could remove the door, line the interior with bookshelves and add a comfy seat to turn it into a mini reading nook.

Library Window Seat by Safdie Rabines

nook san diego

An artist’s studio in San Diego gets an inspiring place to read, set right into the window, in this interior by Safdie Rabines.