Lounge in an Alcove: 14 Nooks for Napping & Relaxing

Built-in Four-Bed Nook

nooks built in four bed

Enough beds for four or more children easily fit into this double-height space thanks to a lofted four-bed nook set into the wall.

Modern Sleeping Nook with Built-In Projector

nooks canopy 1

nooks canopy 2

This built-in bed canopy stretches all the way over the foot of the bed to create the feel of a separate room – plus, it doubles as a screen for a projector.

Modern Bunk Bed in Thailand by Onion Co Ltd

nook thailand 1

Half of a small bedroom in Thailand hosts this turquoise and white built-in bunk bed, which feels cozy yet modern.

Wall of Beds in Front of a Window by YH2

nooks window quebec

YH2 Architecture simply layers and stacks five mattresses in front of a glazed gable-end to create a comfortable sleeping and lounging space that would be hard to get out of every morning.