Knit Wit: 17 Fantastically Weird Fiber Art Creations

Hyperreal Botanicals in Brooklyn
weird knits botanical

weird knits botanical 2

weird knits botanical 3

Displayed at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for an exhibit called ‘Knit, Purl Sow,’ these flowers will never wilt and fade away. A group of textile and knitting artists displayed a hyperrealistic range of plant-themed fiber works including lilies, carrots and a giant hibiscus.

Yarn-Bombed Tank
weird knits yarn bomb tank

This tank got bombed in bright hues of pink thanks to artist Marianne Jorgensen, who covered it in a custom-shaped crocheted blanket.

Privacy Head Sock
weird knits privacy sock

weird knits privacy sock 2

Keep your hands and head (a little too) warm and prevent busybodies from checking out what you’re doing on your computer with the stylish Laptop Compubody Sock. Bonus: you don’t have to do your hair! Instructables has a tutorial for creating your own.

Horse Hood
weird knits horse hood

What’s going on here? Nobody knows. Perhaps it’s best not to dig into it too far.

Comfort Food
weird knits comfort food 1

weird knits comfort food 2

weird knits comfort food 3

This food is warm, but probably not in the way you’d prefer if you’re actually hungry. Model maker and prop stylist Jessica Dance teamed up with food photographer David Sykes for The Comfort Food series, mimicking burgers, fries, turkey and a full English breakfast with a knitting machine.

Cruelty-Free Anatomy Lessons
weird knits anatomy

weird knits anatomy 2

No creatures had to die to give you these flayed anatomical models – not even a tiny alien with all of its strange, colorful internal organs. Emily Stoneking’s aKNITomy collection has fun with intentionally inaccurate scientific displays. “Welcome to the icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy, where biology no longer smells like formaldehyde, but like your favorite sweater.”