Neat Seats: 14 Crazy Creative Modern Chair Designs

Breathing Chair
chair breathing

A block of foam collapses to cradle your body when you put your weight on it. Says designer Wu Yu-Ying of her inspiration, “One day I saw an image of the cross-section of a tree’s cambium. It was in a biology textbook and the image was magnified many times. The arrangement of the cells with their varying sizes looked so beautiful.”

Modern Peacock Chair
chair peacock 1

chair peacock 2

This modern spin on the classic ’70s peacock chair takes the biological inspiration just a bit further with a ‘feather’ span that reaches all the way to the floor on either side. Canadian design firm UUfie created the chair out of a single sheet of acrylic.

Rolling Bookshelf Chair

chairs rolling bookshelf

Take your own mini library with you from one room to the next with this rolling bookcase chair by Nils Holger Moormann, a lounger on wheels with built-in storage and even a reading lamp.

Curvy Wood Chair Packs Flat

chair flat pack

chair flat pack 2

‘Rising Chair’ by Robert van Embricqs starts off as a flat, seemingly solid piece of wood, but transforms into a curving seat shape when pulled out at both ends.