Ghostly Floating Farms: Abandoned Rural Buildings of Russia

Skeletal Elevated Structures
abandoned skeletal structures

abandoned skeletal structures 1

abandoned skeletal structures 3

abandoned floating russia farm

As seen here in a series of photos captured in rural Russia, it’s not unusual to find buildings that are elevated off the ground, perhaps for the practical purpose of loading wheeled farm equipment in a drive-by sort of setup.

Soviet-Era Granary

abandoned soviet granary

Photographed by Flickr user carlfbagge, this abandoned Soviet-era grain processing facility in Vladimir Oblast does not have quite the dramatic cantilever of similar structures, but it’s weird looking nonetheless.

‘Swine City’ Pig Farm
abandoned russia pig farm

abandoned russia pig farm 2

abandoned russia pig farm 3

There’s no telling what happened to this old pig farm English Russia dubbed ‘Swine City Grande,’ but it’s not too pleasant today.