Feline Good: 15 Modern Cat Perches, Houses & Scratchers

Built-in Shelves Designed with Cats in Mind
cat built in shelves 1

cat built in shelves 2

cat built in shelves 3

This set of built-in shelves wasn’t just designed for books and knick-knacks. They’re angled around wooden scratching posts so the residents’ cats can lounge wherever they like. There’s even a hidden litter box cabinet tucked beneath the countertop.

Modular Cardboard Cat Houses
cat house cardboard

cat houses cardboard 2

cat houses cardboard 3

You can buy your cat all sorts of fun toys and houses, but chances are, they’ll be more interested in the cardboard boxes the items came in. The Blocks Playhouse by Dutch company Poopy Cat simply makes them a little more fun and accommodating with DIY flat-pack kits you can assemble yourself into custom cat playgrounds. The set includes ramps and bridges as well as shelters of various sizes and shapes.

Cat Cloud Shelf
cat cloud shelf

cat cloud shelf 2

Cats seem to float on clouds with this set of white double-platform, wall-mounted beds. Strong metal platforms covered with magnetically-attached sheepskin pads give cats their own place to lounge, freeing up space on the floor and couch.

Cat-a-Combe Suspended Cat Cave
cat a combe bed

cat a combe 2

The Cat-a-combe is a hanging ‘cat cave’ made of birth plywood that doubles as a sculptural object. Says design firm Atelier Suburban, “Your cat is definitely going to give up her plans of killing you if you buy her this hammock.”