Feline Good: 15 Modern Cat Perches, Houses & Scratchers

Tank, Plane & Pink Car Playhouses
cat tank

cat plane

cat car playhouse

This range of cat playhouses by Suck UK really takes cardboard boxes to the next level, with designs that’ll have your feline friends poking their heads out of airplanes, tanks, pink ‘Catillac’, fire trucks and more. The flat-pack molded cardboard kits are fun to assemble, and they only cost $35, so it’s no big deal if your cat gets a little too claw-happy.

Hepper Pod Bed
cat hepper bed

Now, here’s a cat bed that’ll stand up next to your Eames lounge chair. The Hepper Pod Cat Bed is simple and elegant, mounted on a metal frame and lined with a removable blanket.

Cat DJ Scratcher
cat DJ scratcher

Watching your cat enthusiastically scratch records atop a sticker-covered turntable never gets old. The Cat DJ scratching deck by Suck UK comes with a spinning deck and posable arm.

Katriss Modular Cat Scratching Furniture
cat katriss

Purchase individual scratcher modules in a variety of five shapes to create your own custom cat furniture that also functions as shelves with the Katriss set. Made of corrugated cardboard, the blocks can be infused with catnip.

Colorful Cat-Centric House Remodel
cat house remodel 2

cat house remodel 3

cat house remodel 1

One California homeowner made sure his interior renovation is just as comfortable and fun for his cats as it is for his human family, integrating built-in cat furniture in every single room, including the bathroom and kitchen. There’s a spiraling ramp to get to the third floor, lots of ledges for lounging, hanging platforms, and tiny sets of stairs.