Cannabis to Grand Pianos: 14 Radical Modern Retail Designs

Modular Shelf System for Skechers Showroom
retail skechers

retail skechers 2

A dynamic display system of hundreds of mini wooden shelves can either jut out or lay flat against the wall to display select numbers of Skechers sneakers in this retail interior by Zemberek Design. Continuing from a solid white wall onto a metal grate, the installation offers varying degrees of opacity and virtually limitless display options.

CNC-Cut Wooden Walls for FEIT Shoes

retail cnc

retail cnc 2

retail CNC 3

A floor-to-ceiling layering of birch plywood becomes a carved landscape as each individual sheet is CNC cut, hand-sanded and assembled into modules to offer benches, shelves and niches with built-in LED lighting. Designer Jordan Maisie pairs a natural material with digital technology for a result that’s solid and translucent all at once.

Light-Diffusing Lattice for Innisfree
retail innisfree

retail innisfree 2

retail innisfree 3

SOFTLab suspends a curvilinear system of lattice beneath a translucent glass greenhouse roof for the Innisfree flagship store in Seoul. The visual effect calls to mind gardens and growing systems, a perfect pairing for the all-natural Korean cosmetics brand. Attached to the wooden lattice system are petal-like elements made from recycled paper reclaimed from Innisfree packaging.

Sunken Lounge Areas at Curvilinear R&D Studio
retail sunken

retail sunken 2

retail sunken 3

Customers can really get cozy in this curvaceous retail location for a textile company in Turkey by Zemberek Design. The entire space is lined with concrete, with walking and sitting surfaces clad in wood and lounge spaces sunken beneath the ground level. In addition to offering seating with prime views of the merchandise, these sunken areas also contain hidden storage space for additional product.

Plywood Planes by PRODUCE
retail plywood

retail plywood 2

retail plywood 3

Two complementary retail spaces seamlessly blend into each other in this storefront within the School of the Arts building in Singapore. Design studio PRODUCE created plywood volumes that give the shops the feel of a treehouse, with the sweets shop and home goods retailer separated by an ‘internal street.’