Cannabis to Grand Pianos: 14 Radical Modern Retail Designs

Ice Cream ’Truck’ in Korea

retail ice cream
retail ice cream 2

retail ice cream 3

Retaining the charm of an ice cream truck in a stationary location might not be easy, but Betwin Space Design makes sure that the visual effect comes across from every vantage point of the corner storefront in Seoul. Created for an ice cream shop called Remicone, the design features a faceted truck facade and a sterile white interior complementing the brand’s use of laboratory glassware as serving containers.

Reflective Staircase at St. Laurent by Hedi Slimane
retail laurent

retail laurent 2

retail laurent 3

Multiplied against a mirrored wall and standing starkly against a white ceiling and marble floor, the reflective staircase at the center of Hedi Slimane’s design for the Saint Laurent store in Milan doesn’t fail to catch the eye. Everything about the glossy space, from the transparent display units to the cantilevered seating, says ‘polish’ and ‘luxury.’

Inviting Rice Store in Tokyo
retail rice

retail rice 2

retail rice 3

Almost completely open to the street, this rice shop by Schemata Architects is part of a scheme to revitalize a formerly bustling shopping district in Tokyo. The design encourages foot traffic and lingering outside with a sidewalk-facing counter and open-air display of rices and vinegars.

Floating Staircase at Bazar Noir
retail floating

retail floating 2

retail floating 3

Lined in pale wood, the floating staircase descending from the second level of a shop called Bazar Noir almost seems like a portal to another dimension, so visually distinct it is from the darkened matte surfaces of the main floor. Design firm Hidden Fortress designed a flexible layout that can be adapted to constantly changing exhibits, the heavy use of black conforming to the shop’s brand identity.