Amazing Animal Art: 50+ Creature-Inspired Creations

Tiny Skeletal Knitted Creatures by Caitlin McCormack

animal art mccormack

animal art mccormack 2

animal art mccormack 3

animal art mccormack 4

The corpses of tiny animals become undeniably beautiful when they’re rendered in fine-gauge, bone-colored thread by Caitlin McCormack. The Philadelphia-based artist stiffens the string with glue to create bones and tendons.

Splattered Ink Animals by Hua Tunan

animal art splattered

animal art splattered 2

animal art splattered 3

In the early stages of Hua Tunan’s creative process, his paintings seem abstract, mostly consisting of splatters and splashes of ink on the page or spray paint on a wall. But as he continues to work, the forms of animals emerge. Inspired by both traditional Chinese ink art and Western-style graffiti, Tunan makes energetic and often large-scale nature-inspired scenes, from small pieces on paper to murals that measure several stories in height.

Ghostly Double-Exposure Animals by Andreas Lie

animal art double exp

animal art double exp 2

animal art double exp 3

animal art double exp 4

animal art double exp 5

Animals are blended with images of their typical habitats and isolated on neutral backdrops in the haunting, ghostly double exposures of Norwegian artist Andreas Lie.

Samsara: Glowing Whale Sculptures by Isana Yamada

animal art whales 2

animal art whales 3

animal art whales 4

animal art whales

Translucent, luminescent whales swirling in mid-air through a gallery contain strange little worlds, each acting as an aquarium for an underwater scene. The Samsara series by Japanese artist Isana Yamada pays tribute to the Buddhist concept of the circle of life, each of the six sculptures containing tiny shipwrecks, volcanoes and skeletons.

Dreams: Surreal Sculptured Animals by Wang Ruilin

animal art crocodile

animal art dreams mountain

animal art dreams mountain 2

animal art dreams mountain 3

Animals and landscapes meld together in the highly distinctive and dream-like sculptures of artist Wang Ruilin. The ‘Dreams’ series represents “the denial of our current world and a depiction of an ideal one,” he says. “I oppose the self-centeredness of human beings and the ruthless exploitation of other species and natural resources. I seek harmony with the nature. Nature’s greatness lies in her inclusion of everything on earth, while man’s greatness lies in his perception of his own smallness. To find conformity to nature is my life attitude.”