Power of Plywood: 15 Beautiful & Affordable Interior Applications

Light & Bright Store Display
plywood store milan

plywood store milan 2

plywood store milan 3

A gridded plywood arrangement fit with LED lights creates an engaging and high-impact display space for shoes and other wares at the Camper store in central Milan. Known for his creativity with wood, architect Kengo Kuma has created a composition that’s simultaneously simple and complex, contrasting modest materials with sophisticated details and construction.

Jury Cafe, Melbourne
plywood jury cafe

plywood jury cafe 2

plywood jury cafe 3

There’s certainly nothing boring or cheap-looking about the diagonal arrangement of plywood at the Jury Cafe in Melbourne, its dynamic lines accented with pops of color. The face is located in Pentridge Village, a former penitentiary. “We wanted to respect its dark past as a prison, and we also wanted to breathe new life into the cafe for its patrons to enjoy,” says Biasol Design Studio.

Curving Plywood Office Walls
plywood office

plywood office 2

plywood office 4

An interwoven pattern of curving plywood panels designed by Canadian studio Partisans acts as a system of dividers for an office, delineating the individual work spaces from the boardrooms, kitchen and lounge.

Simple Surfaces in Subterranean Studio
plywood subterranean

plywood subterranean 2

plywood subterranean 3

Designed by L’escaut, this green-roofed studio sunken into the hilly landscape behind a full-sized residence features a mostly-plywood interior, blending harmoniously with the colors and textures in the garden for a tranquil feel.

Transforming Barcode Room by Studio 01
plywood barcode

plywood barcode 2

plywood barcode 3

plywood barcode 4

Sliding plywood walls resembling bars come together or pull apart to reveal different functions within a tiny space. Tokyo firm Studio 01 designed the studio apartment for a single residence, enabling the minimal square footage to be a kitchen, bedroom, office, closet or a space to host friends.